This journalist has written the unflinching truth about the last two years of ‘fear porn’ while deftly managing to inject wry humor into every paragraph. Brilliant x10…

The Biscuit Factory

There’s only one blog rule – write truthfully each time. Let any readers make of it what they will.

After some two years of Covid-19 shenanigans, some people still believe that Planet Earth has waded through an existential crisis almost equivalent to WW2.

The journalist in me begs to differ, and here’s why. The evidence.

Anyone wanting to logically figure out what really happened can dip into a wealth of official data, expert statements and research. It’s all out there. In so doing, much of the available evidence about the Covid shitshow sharply contradicts the deceptions and disinformation pumped out nonstop during the past 24 months. It forever shames the pumpers – the government ministers, medical professionals, bureaucrats, entertainers and mass media around the world.

At worst, the reality was something no more deadly than past pandemic flus. Just look below at the UK’s all-causes mortality rate for 2020, which…

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