Samhain, My Kind of Holiday

I’ve never celebrated back to school or football season. For me, September is Hallow-eve and Samhain (sow-win) is an entire magically witchy season (the other 3 seasons & wheel turnings are all related). By the first week in October, my blood is ½ pumpkin spice, ½ Bloody Mary mix with bobbing olive eye balls. My […]

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Beltane – 50 Shades of Spring

There is a poem fragment that repeats in my head yearly as days lengthen and landscapes metaphorically morph from bony hag to voluptuous maiden “…sun has won and spring’s begun, pushing through thawing soil, bonfires lit this night; elements delight…” Poetry predates psychotherapy, retail therapy, and solace via chocolate or alcohol. Poetry was and is […]

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To Ireland in the Coming Years*

As an annual Irish holiday approaches, celebrated and beloved worldwide by people of many nationalities, I recall a few pub fests I attended over the decades, always dressed in black. There was the green river/beer bacchanal in Chicago; the ‘isn’t it still Mardi Gras’ in New Orleans; the tooting the flute hootenanny in Great Falls, […]

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