Solstice: The Reason for this Season

“In the depth of winter, I realized there was in me an invincible summer.” A. Camus For many, it’s a challenge to rationally honor the ancient, yearly symbolic rite that celebrates the suspension of the wheel and return of the sun. It’s harder still to embrace the likelihood that should no one celebrate solstice (Alban […]

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Midsummer Solstice: Strange Days Indeed

John, by anonymous Spanish painter, 1600-1645 “The earth, like the heart…travels along an elliptical path, drawn towards a dark bath…” Bjork “During that summer, when unicorns were possible; when the purpose of knees was to be skinned…during that summer that may never have been…watermelons ruled…bites are fewer now; each one is savored lingeringly…” John Tobias […]

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