Samhain, My Kind of Holiday

I’ve never celebrated back to school or football season. For me, September is Hallow-eve and Samhain (sow-win) is an entire magically witchy season (the other 3 seasons & wheel turnings are all related). By the first week in October, my blood is ½ pumpkin spice, ½ Bloody Mary mix with bobbing olive eye balls. My […]

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A Grey, but Colorful Night

This was another Hemingway Bad Writing contest entry (like The Hills Will Be Killing Me Tomorrow posted in an earlier blog). Ernest was an expert in revealing the ‘nothingness of life” objectively, using common words, settings, and characters. Many of his ‘people’ were neither highly decadent nor highly moral. As a writer, he seldom revealed […]

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All the Words I’ve Loved and Lost

Mementoes and memories of old lovers went into cardboard boxes—box coffins of dead love affairs. A label displays a number, a year or span of years, and initials; sometimes I’ve also hand-drawn images of daggers, a skunk, monkey, or donkey; or a black moon, zodiac sign, or stars. The boxes still rest on an unpainted […]

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