Samhain, My Kind of Holiday

I’ve never celebrated back to school or football season. For me, September is Hallow-eve and Samhain (sow-win) is an entire magically witchy season (the other 3 seasons & wheel turnings are all related). By the first week in October, my blood is ½ pumpkin spice, ½ Bloody Mary mix with bobbing olive eye balls. My […]

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A Philly Yankee in Dixie’s Food King

Getting ready to post some contemporary articles in February 2019—meanwhile, here’s one from my Way Off the Beaten Path B&B Bulletins Being southern isn’t as simple as affixing a geographical location—it’s more like uncovering the hidden meaning of a secret handshake. It’s about shared cultural affiliations; it’s a way of looking at life through faux […]

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If that ain’t love…

Years before it began, I filled 3 ring binders with images, bits of poetry, doodles, quotes and commentary that echoed what I felt and envisioned. I daydreamed about how I would satisfy these yearnings that affect women and men equally. About a year before it finally happened, I knew I needed to leave the Washington […]

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Burning Down the Spouse

Does it actually work better if we tip toe into a relationship, carefully testing volatile waters of emotion and desire, and the erratic firing of neurons and chemicals—versus plunging head first? I’ve tried it both ways many times—same result. What really makes a relationship ignite? What makes the pilot light go out for good? Could […]

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