You’re the One

Another creepy Ripper tale… The day after the murder, everyone was talking about Jack the Ripper. For a brief few months, a keen sense of anticipation crept into the conversations of people traversing the East End, lending a renewed appreciation of the small, brutal shortness of life. There’s nothing so diverting as rumors of a […]

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Samhain, My Kind of Holiday

I’ve never celebrated back to school or football season. For me, September is Hallow-eve and Samhain (sow-win) is an entire magically witchy season (the other 3 seasons & wheel turnings are all related). By the first week in October, my blood is ½ pumpkin spice, ½ Bloody Mary mix with bobbing olive eye balls. My […]

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Midsummer Solstice: Strange Days Indeed

John, by anonymous Spanish painter, 1600-1645 “The earth, like the heart…travels along an elliptical path, drawn towards a dark bath…” Bjork “During that summer, when unicorns were possible; when the purpose of knees was to be skinned…during that summer that may never have been…watermelons ruled…bites are fewer now; each one is savored lingeringly…” John Tobias […]

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