Dock of the Bloody Day

Killer Nashville mock crime scene 2019 “How can I begin anything new with all of yesterday in me?” Leonard Cohen There are days when the best I can manage is to stare into the void and flick a middle finger at it. The words are always there; it’s just a matter of rearranging the letters […]

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A Cigarette

In researching one of my novels, An Act of Ambition, about a suicide–or was it murder?–in the Florida Keys, I found the quotes below by Cesar Pavase, Italian author, poet, and translater. He committed suicide following the dissolution of a love affair and figures in my novel. My short story and poem frag resulted… From […]

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Midsummer Solstice: Strange Days Indeed

John, by anonymous Spanish painter, 1600-1645 “The earth, like the heart…travels along an elliptical path, drawn towards a dark bath…” Bjork “During that summer, when unicorns were possible; when the purpose of knees was to be skinned…during that summer that may never have been…watermelons ruled…bites are fewer now; each one is savored lingeringly…” John Tobias […]

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