Every Witch Way but Zeus

“Can you tell me how to grow, or is it unconveyed, like Melody or Witchcraft?” (from an Emily Dickinson letter to Wentworth Higginson) A lovely lady recently asked me what were the best books available on magic and witchcraft, specifically witch/which books taught the craft and held the keys? My immediate response was there are […]

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The Tell: a Ripper tale

This is a lovely dark tale for a sunny day. I’ve been a Ripperologist for 30+ years, ever intrigued by a 131 year old crime. I’ve amassed a library of over 1000 Ripper and Victorian era books, attended a dozen international conferences, and written related articles and fictional short stories because it seems while we […]

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We drive and are driven on…

When work involves travel, there are rules—no dawdling, leisurely pit stops, or eating of pungent or drippy food. It’s more like a NASCAR efficiency test (I’m not speeding, I’m qualifying), less like a scenic cruise with frequent stops at roadside attractions. There are a few advantages—you can muse and meditate on a solo 500 mile, […]

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Beltane – 50 Shades of Spring

There is a poem fragment that repeats in my head yearly as days lengthen and landscapes metaphorically morph from bony hag to voluptuous maiden “…sun has won and spring’s begun, pushing through thawing soil, bonfires lit this night; elements delight…” Poetry predates psychotherapy, retail therapy, and solace via chocolate or alcohol. Poetry was and is […]

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